Christmas Weather

December marks the beginning of the summer season in Cape Town, South Africa, and the days are glorious with little precipitation and plenty of bright sunlight.

Located on South Africa’s southern coast, the weather in Cape Town remains temperate all year long, but winter can be rainy, making December and the other summer months a much better time for visitors who want to be outdoors. It is easy to see why the rising temperatures and dry days that characterise December make it one of the most popular times to visit this resort.

There is very little precipitation during the month of December. With an average 20 mm of rain throughout the entire month, most of the 7 wet days in December are overcast with intermittent rain. Visitors should come prepared for the occasional rain.

Overall, Cape Town is a wonderful December destination. The holiday spirit is in full swing, and because it is located in the southern hemisphere December is the sunniest month of the year in Cape Town, and also has the longest days. These factors mean you can expect an average 11 hours of bright sunlight daily. For visitors from Europe and other places in the northern hemisphere, Cape Town is a great place to find some sun.

Rising temperatures in December beckon visitors and locals alike to the outdoors. If you plan a stay during this month, you can expect the average high temperature to hit 25°C (77°F) in the daytime, and the average overall temperature to be a pleasant 20°C (68°F). There is no better time of year to hike, bike and explore in Cape Town.

The warm sun does a lot of work during the day, and after it sets the temperature does drop. Overnight is cool, with the average low temperature being 15°C (59°F). Even the evenings and mornings can get quite chilly, so make sure you come prepared with layers and some warm clothes.

The ocean water is also warming up. The average sea temperature rises to 19°C (66°F), up from 18°C (64°F) in November, and many visitors are eager to hit the beach on December’s cloudless days.